Helsinki Music Centre, Verbal Map 1/3

The Helsinki Music Centre verbal maps 1 - 3 describe the key routes inside the Helsinki Music Centre.


Helsinki Music Centre is located in the heart of Helsinki on Mannerheimintie Street, just in front of the Houses of Parliament. The Houses of Parliament are to the west of Helsinki Music Centre. To the south of the Music Centre, there is the Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma and the Sanomatalo Building. In the east, the railway passes the Centre. To the north, there is Finlandia Hall. The distance from the Main Railway Station to Helsinki Music Centre is about 300 metres. Three fourths of the Helsinki Music Centre building are underground.

There are three entrances to the Helsinki Music Centre. The address of the main entrance is Musiikkitalo, Mannerheimintie 13a B. There is a drop-off and collection point for taxis at the Mannerheimintie entrance. This entrance takes you to the fourth floor of Helsinki Music Centre.

On the Kiasma side of the Helsinki Music Centre building, there is the Kansalaistori Square, with an entrance to the Music Centre Main Foyer and Café on the third floor.

The third entrance to Helsinki Music Centre on Töölönlahdenkatu Street leads to the Sibelius Academy premises on the third floor of the building. Töölönlahdenkatu Street starts in Mannerheimintie Street and runs between Helsinki Music Centre and Helsinki City Museum all the way to Elielinaukio Square.


From the entrance door to the Upper Lobby lifts and stairs:

The main entrance on Mannerheimintie Street leads to the fourth floor of the Helsinki Music Centre. There are two sliding doors from the street to the vestibule. Between the sliding doors, there is a regular glass door. The sliding doors slide to the side. After the doors, there are revolving doors that lead to the Upper Lobby. Between the revolving doors, there is a regular glass door, which can also be operated by pressing a button.

Inside the building, next to the front doors, on the right, there is a record shop Fuga. To the left of the front doors, in front of the wall, there is a bench under an electronic information screen.

Just across the front doors, at the eleven o'clock position, there are two lifts that go one floor down to the Main Lobby and cloakroom on the third floor. When you are standing in front of the lifts, Mannerheimintie and the main entrance are behind your back.

Starting from the regular front door between the revolving doors, there is a tactile directional line, which leads straight forward. About five metres from the door, there is a crossing shaped like the Latin letter "T". The left arm of the horizontal line in the "T" leads about three metres to the left. After that, there is a 90-degree turn to the right toward the down button of the lifts. Above the down buttons, there are also signs in Braille.

Inside the lifts, the call buttons are on the wall between the lifts. Floor numbers three and four are indicated in Braille on the call buttons. The lifts also have speech output, which is unfortunately not very clear.

The right arm of the letter "T" leads to a flight of stairs. Looking from the front doors, the stairs are at the two o'clock position, and run parallel to Mannerheimintie. From the top of the steps down, the direction is north-south.

The steps have railings on both sides. The steps are made of grey granite. The staircase is straight without an intermediate landing. The step treads have safety grooves but no contrasting strip.

At the top and bottom of the staircase, there are tactile warning tiles.


Taking the lift from the fourth floor to the third floor information desk:

If you take the lift down, you will arrive at a different point than where you will arrive if you take the stairs. From the lifts, turn to the left, or south, toward Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art and the service desk. Immediately after the lifts, on the left around the corner, there is the entrance to the Sibelius Academy premises. On the right, there is the staircase down from the fourth floor. On the other side of the staircase, there is the cloakroom.

When you walk ahead, you will find a directional line, which you can follow. On the left, you will find the information desk and ticket sales. There are four windows at the information desk. On both sides of the information desk windows, there are maps of the different storeys of the Music Centre. The third-floor map is tactile and the key to the map is in Braille.

After the information desk, there is the glass wall of the Concert Hall. In front of the wall, there are four benches. After a few metres, to the left, there is the vast Main Foyer.


Taking the stairs from the fourth floor to the third floor information desk:

If you take the stairs, you will arrive in the middle of the Main Lobby. Looking from the bottom of the stairs, the information desk is at the 10 o'clock position. Starting from the right-hand railing of the staircase, there is a tactile directional line, which leads straight ahead for a few metres and then turns left toward the information desk window number four. Looking from the bottom of the stairs, the Concert Hall is on the left past the information desk at the 11 o'clock position.

The left-hand railing of the staircase ends in a "cabinet", where you can take a queue number for the information desk. The "cabinet" has a touch screen.


End of the verbal map.

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