Helsinki Music Centre Verbal Map 2/3

The Helsinki Music Centre verbal maps 1 - 3 describe the key routes inside the Helsinki Music Centre.


The Kansalaistori Square entrance is located at the southern end of the building, facing the Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art and Sanomatalo Building. There is a revolving door at the entrance, and on the left, there is a regular door. When you enter the Main Foyer, the cloakroom is diagonally on the left, at the eleven o'clock position. To the right of the entrance, there are the Main Foyer bar and Café at the distance of about 25 metres. There is no tactile directional line to the Café.


Starting from the regular door at the entrance, after the doormat, there is a tactile directional line, which goes straight ahead for about one metre and then turns left. When you follow the line for about nine metres, you will come to a staircase, which leads to the left and down to the first floor, which houses the smaller concert halls. At the top of the staircase, there are tactile warning tiles. Right after the staircase, there is a lift to the first floor.


At the staircase, there is an intersection of directional lines. After the lift, the directional line goes forward with, first, a branch down to the left, which leads to the Klubi Restaurant. If, however, you follow the line straight ahead, it will take you to a corner leading to the toilet for women on the Kiasma side of the Main Lobby. To the right of the corner, there are banners for the residents and associates of the Music Centre. To the right of the banners is the corner with a toilet for men, and after that, the cloakroom. The toilets for both women and men are located alongside the cloakroom.


The intersection branch to the right takes you to the Main Lobby and the information desk.

After about seven metres from the staircase, there is a directional line to the left toward cloakroom desk number one. The line goes ahead, and after about 13 metres, there is another intersection. The branch to the right takes you to service desk number four. The branch to the left takes you toward the staircase to the fourth floor and the Mannerheimintie entrance.


End of the verbal map.

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