Helsinki Music Centre Verbal Map 3/3

The Helsinki Music Centre verbal maps 1 - 3 describe the key routes inside the Helsinki Music Centre.

Main Lobby

In the Main Lobby on the third floor, to the right of the staircase from the fourth floor, there is the cloakroom, which is numbered from one to forty-eight.


There is a counter in the cloakroom, which is about 30 metres long and 60 cm high. The counter runs parallel to Mannerheimintie Street. There is no tactile directional line from the staircase to the cloakroom.


When you walk down the stairs and turn right, you will arrive at the midpoint of the cloakroom counter, which is numbered from 27 to 29.


When you follow the counter to the right, you will find two toilets for women in a corner alongside the cloakroom. There is also an accessible toilet, which houses a baby changing facility.


The men's toilet is located in a corner next to the other end of the cloakroom counter. In other words, walk ahead from the staircase toward the Main Foyer in the Kiasma direction. After this corner, there is another corner with a toilet for women. This corner also houses an accessible toilet and a baby changing facility.


If you take the lift down from the Upper Lobby on the Mannerheimintie side and turn right, you will arrive at the northern end of the Main Lobby on the Finlandia Hall side. Here you will find, alongside and to the right of the lifts, a smaller cloakroom, which is numbered from 49 to 67. In front of the wall facing the cloakroom, there are benches.


The Helsinki Music Centre information desk and ticket sales are located in the Main Lobby on the third floor.


When you leave the information desk, a directional line will lead you straight ahead toward the Main Foyer on the third floor, the staircase leading to Lower Foyer and smaller concert halls on the first floor, the lift, and, from the right-hand side of the lift, the ramp to the Klubi Restaurant. At the staircase, there are tactile warning tiles. Here the directional line turns left and ends at the Kansalaistori Square entrance.

Concert Hall

The circular Concert Hall forms the core of the building. The hall houses 1,704 seats, of which 28 spaces can be reserved for wheelchair or rollator users. The acoustics in these spaces is excellent. The spaces are located on the entry level of the Concert Hall stalls on the third floor.


There are eight doors to the Concert Hall. Door one faces the Kansalaistori Square entrance. The seating surrounds the orchestra, which is seated considerably lower than most of the audience.


The stairways in the stalls wind between the seat rows, and there are various types of stairs in the different parts of the hall, so a guide to take you to your seat is necessary.


Besides the Concert Hall, there are six smaller halls for 140–400 listeners. The acoustics in each hall have been designed to serve the function or purpose of each hall.

Main Foyer

When you turn left at the Kiasma end of the cloakroom, you will arrive at the Main Foyer on the third floor. You can also enter the Main Foyer from the Kansalaistori Square, which is located toward Kiasma and the Sanomatalo Building.


The Concert Hall is surrounded by a foyer with several bars.


The bar counters are of white glass and they are illuminated. In the Main Foyer corner facing the Sanomatalo Building, there is a café open to public in the daytime. Also the foyer running parallel to the railway houses tables and a bar, which is open during concerts.


There are eight doors to the Concert Hall from different sides of the foyer. From the foyer on the Kansalaistori Square side, you can enter the Concert Hall through doors one, two, and three. Doors four and five on the railway side of the Concert Hall are usually not in use for the audience. On the right-hand side of door four, there is a lift to the balcony. Doors six, seven, and eight are located on the Töölönlahdenkatu Street and Finlandia Hall side of the Concert Hall.


Next to every Concert Hall door, there is an electronic information screen. The door numbers are high up above the doors, so they cannot be touched.


Your ticket will tell whether it is for a seat in the stalls or on the balcony. It also tells the number of the door to the Concert Hall, the letter of the seating section, the letter and number combination for the row, and the number of your seat. In other words, it is wise to ask the ushers for guidance.


There are two stairways to the balcony, which are located on the railway side of the building (to the east). The stairways begin in the middle of the floor. There are two intermediate landings, where you need to turn 180 degrees. The balcony has six audience entrances and foyers. The balcony also houses information boards in Braille.


End of the verbal map.

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