KUULE! (Listen!) Helsinki Music Centre education project

Helsinki Music Centre’s KUULE! education project provides new musical viewpoints. Participation and immersion lead to learning, experience, and creativity

Operative idea

What kinds of music do you enjoy or not enjoy? Why?


The KUULE education project is interested in you. We want to give you experience which can help you to express yourself, learn, and further understand what you have already learned.


The KUULE! education project was started as a collaboration between the University of the Arts Helsinki’s Sibelius Academy, Radio Symphony Orchestra, and Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra in 2011 when the Helsinki Music Centre opened.


The KUULE! education project’s primary objective is to give you a venue for self-expression and the chance to enjoy your skills and creativity. We want to give you new opportunities to participate in artistic creation. Come and join us in singalongs, public lectures, and composition events.


KUULE, minä sävellän! (Hear this, I’m a composer!)


What would your compositions sound like?


Compositions can start with an image, a story, an emotion or anything important to you.


The KUULE, minä sävellän project offers metropolitan area children and youth the opportunity to compose under professional instruction.


The project’s primary objective is to fulfil every child’s musical vision. Professional composers and instructors only guide the children in technical matters.


First, the children will learn about music and its elements through playing and musical invention. Next up is a lesson on orchestral instruments and listening to what one’s compositions sound like on real instruments.


The compositions are then notated for orchestral musicians. When the composition is ready, the orchestra begins rehearsing and we begin preparing the concert. The Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, Radio Symphony Orchestra, Finnish National Opera and Sibelius Academy musicians will perform the compositions in an actual concert.


The Kuule, minä sävellän composition periods are arranged twice a year. The intensive period lasts approximately 10 days.


“The best part was hearing what my song sounded like in its entirety. Start composing!” Aalto Friman, KUULE, minä sävellän alumnus.

The KUULE, minä sävellän collaboration was begun as the New York Philharmonic Orchestra became interested in Finnish music education and education projects.


Helsinki Music Centre thanks the Alfred Kordelin Foundation for financially supporting KUULE, minä sävellän!






How does a professional musician prepare for a concert?


The Tunne orkesterisi (Know your orchestra) public lecture series focuses on Western art’s great achievement: the symphonic orchestra and the entire orchestral institution.


Tunne orkesterisi opens door to the background of the orchestral institution, yielding new viewpoints and shedding light on ensemble music with interesting artist visitors, stories, discussions, musical examples and pictures.


A theme is selected for each season which Helsinki Music Centre’s orchestra repertoire will reflect.


Helsinki Music Centre, Sibelius Academy, and Helsinki Adult Education Centre’s joint lecture series Tunne orkesterisi is free of charge and open to all with an interest in orchestras and orchestral music.


Helsinki Music Centre thanks the Alfred Kordelin Foundation for financially supporting the Tunne orkesterisi lecture series.





What’s your favourite song?


The Finnish Amateur Musicians’ Association SULASOL Helsinki is arranging singalongs open to all on Mondays once a month. The events are a perennial classic as they have been presented since the 1930's.


The singalongs take place at the Helsinki Music Centre during winter and at the Helsinki Töölö Rowing Stadium in Taivallahti during summer.


A lead vocalist and accompanist are present at the events arranged at the Helsinki Music Centre. In addition to group singing, different choirs and ensembles will perform.


Lyrics and some notation can be found in SULASOL Helsinki’s songbook, which can be bought at the events.


The Helsinki Music Centre thanks OP-Pohjola for financially supporting the group singing events.




How about a concert for the whole family?


The Helsinki Music Centre hosts family events and concerts in the spring and autumn. They are primarily arranged by the residents HPO, RSO and Sibelius Academy and a few external organisers. Detailed information can be found at the Helsinki Music Centre’s event calendar by searching for the children’s concert.

Jointly with


RSO’s public work includes pre-concert lectures which focus on the concert theme. RSO and Music and Culture Centre VERSO also play concerts with stories about musical instruments for kindergartens and school groups. The concert season also includes RSO’s annual family concerts. 




Founded in 1882, HPO has interesting public projects in addition to high standard symphonic concerts. The orchestra holds general rehearsals open to the public. Prior to the concert, visitors can enjoy ensembles from Helsinki-based music institutes performing in Helsinki Music Centre’s Main Foyer. HPO welcomes the youngest family members to attend, as well. The charming children’s concerts and internationally famous Kummilapsiprojekti (Godchild project) guarantee families a memorable experience.


Sibelius Academy

Sibelius Academy’s audience participation programmes include courses, projects, research and events. This activity was launched in 1992 and has had several activities over the years, including public education, education projects, education-related activity, and creative skills of a musician.


The Kordelin Foundation and OP-Pohjola have supported the Helsinki Music Centre’s education projects. Without their financial support, this would have not been possible.