Light creates the event’s atmosphere

Let there be light! Good lighting not only helps the audience see; it can also create unforgettable experiences. Lighting is worth the investment.

Lighting design

Lighting basically refers to adding light to a room to improve performer visibility or reading conditions. Lighting can, however, be used for much more, such as storytelling or creating atmosphere.

“A good result does not come from hitting the light switch but from cooperation towards a common goal,” says Helsinki Music Centre’s lighting technician, Antti Silvennoinen.

Lighting design begins with analysing the text, music and event objectives.
For the first design meeting, Silvennoinen asks the customer to deliver a description of what is happening, where it happens and to whom it happens. Other required information is provided by a script, which can at its simplest be a music catalogue or list of speeches, performer information, and possible decorative elements in the room.


Lighting motives

With this information the designers can decide what can be executed and what particular purpose the lighting serves.

“Theatre lighting is used for storytelling, while concerts use it more for supporting emotional content. Concert light design also has to take into account the need to read music in order to prevent complications. The light design must also be considered separately for events that are recorded," Silvennoinen explains.

“Corporate events or seminars usually have no artistic relevance when it comes to light design, but the design is made with event marketing interests in mind. For instance, colour selections can reflect a corporation’s colours, while the logo can be reflected upon different surfaces," says Silvennoinen.

Image projecting is something that happens every day at the Helsinki Music Centre. The image projections can be used for both still and moving images. The Centre’s versatile hall technology provides the traditional screen and different kinds of suspendable elements such as fabrics or reflective surfaces.

"A stimulating visual environment also supports the development of strong memories. Lighting design is therefore worth investing in both for concerts or congresses", concludes Silvennoinen.