Information on press tickets, recording permit policies, and Helsinki Music Centre’s image bank.

Media bank

Images from Helsinki Music Centre:
Helsinki Music Centre’s temporary media bank HERE

Note: The Centre does not administer an artist image bank.

Emblem and graphic guidelines

Helsinki Music Centre emblem and graphic guidelines from here (in Finnish)

Helsinki Music Centre emblem and address information for printed publications here.

Photography permits

No permit is required for photography in public areas of the Music Centre during normal opening hours, provided that it does not interfere with other activities or visitors.
However, we ask that the Music Centre Communications Coordinator be notified of planned photography in advance by e-mail. 

No permits are usually granted for photography inside concert halls, except as part of the Music Centre's own activities. Concert hall photography must be arranged well in advance with the Music Centre Communications Manager. 

Photography during concerts and other events

Photography and recording are generally prohibited at concerts. Please apply for concert photography permits from the concert organiser. Helsinki Music Centre does not issue photography permits on behalf of concert arranging parties.

Press tickets

The Helsinki Music Centre does not issue press tickets to concerts organised by the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra, the Sibelius Academy, or other event organisers. Members of the press are asked to inquire about tickets directly from the event organiser in question.