Sibelius150 and hundreds more musical stories

In 2015 we celebrate Finnish master composer Jean Sibelius. The anniversary’s events can be found in the event calendar with the keyword Sibelius150.


Jean Sibelius is Finland’s most famous and played composer. In 2015, we will celebrate our national composer’s 150th birthday in Finland and around the world.

Musiikkitalo - The Helsinki Music Centre and its residents have a strong presence in the anniversary's programme.


Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra will perform all Sibelius's symphonies with conductor John Storgårds. HPO’s blog will also publish interesting historical materials about the joint journey of the orchestra and the master composer. It was none other than HPO who performed the violin concerto and all Sibelius’s symphonies except for his seventh, with Sibelius himself as the conductor.


The Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra will bring Sibelius to every home with the Yle Teema series on Sibelius’s symphonies. The series comprises seven episodes and will premiere in the autumn of 2015. Sibelius's works will naturally also be heard in concerts during both the spring and autumn seasons.


The University of the Arts Helsinki’s Sibelius Academy aims to offer another perspective to the anniversary by introducing rarer Sibelius works and presenting the musical environment of his time more extensively.


Helsinki Music Centre's children's weeks in April also include a strong presence of Sibelius's music.


During the summer both tourists and locals will be able to enjoy daily the Sibelius Finland Experience, a concert series in which Sibelius's most revered works will be illustrated by fantastic pictures of Finland's natural beauty.


Keyword Sibelius150

You can find Helsinki Music Centre's anniversary-related events by typing in the keyword Sibelius150 and pressing “search.” You will gain access to the anniversary's content and events as well by clicking #Sibelius150 in events or articles you find.