Your company event

A well-planned and well-executed customer event is the best way to promote your company. Helsinki Music Centre provides impressive premises for your event.



Helsinki Music Centre has extensive experience designing and executing a wide variety of events and has hosted several corporate occasions including fashion shows, company parties, CEO congresses, dinners, and several small- and medium-sized corporate seminars.



Helsinki Music Centre is an open venue that encourages attendees to meet one another. The centre is used on a daily basis by over 200 musicians and hundreds of students. It is therefore full of action and promotes a lively atmosphere.

High-quality premises and professional staff ensure your event’s success. The centre’s creative atmosphere also provides you with the unique opportunity to increase your company’s image.

Full-service centre

The Helsinki Music Centre also provides your concerts with lighting and sound planning as well as video recordings.

The centre’s high-quality technology also provides the opportunity to broadcast your event online.


Event examples:

  • Meetings and seminars for 220 visitors in the small halls
  • International seminars for 400 to 1200 visitors in the Concert Hall
  • Meetings for 10 to 30 visitors in the Centre’s Side Foyer
  • Launching events for 300 visitors in Black Box and foyers
  • Morning, evening and weekend seminars for 150 visitors in the restaurant


  • Dinner events for 50 to 220 visitors in the restaurant
  • Lunch and dinner events for 600 visitors in the Main Foyer
  • Cocktail events for 1500 visitors in the Main Foyer
  • Corporate parties for 400 to 1500 visitors in the Concert Hall and foyers

Contact information

Bookings and offers are made primarily by email to 


We will answer your messages within four working days. 


You can also contact us by phone at +358 207 070 450.