Black Box

The shoebox-shaped Black Box with its versatile technical equipment is suitable for amplified music and lecture purposes. The hall has 220 seats.


Black Box has a retractable telescopic seating unit, which can be used to divide the room. Both raked (tiered) and flat seating arrangements are possible.

The raked arrangement provides seating for up to 220 people. With the seats removed, there are terraces for 400 people.

The hall includes PA and acoustics for amplified electronic music and a versatile lighting system. A wire-mesh grid ceiling, bridges, and lifting systems allow various lighting and other equipment arrangements in the room.


Black Box’s acoustic is designed for amplified music. With little or almost no natural reverberation, the hall has a PA system designed for electronic music and both an open and closed monitoring room.


  • A retractable and adaptable telescopic seating system: 220 seats + 5 wheelchair spaces or terraces for a maximum of 400 visitors
  • Open and closed control rooms
  • A stage and a small side stage
  • Versatile lighting and performance equipment
  • A black curtain surrounding the entire hall
  • Lighter coloured curtains and side drapes available for the stage
  • Wall screen
  • An induction loop 


Black Box is located on the Centre’s first floor, which is accessible via the Main Lobby by lift and stairs.  


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