Haaga-Helia Popping it Up

Haaga Helia students present three different pop up -concepts in Musiikkitalo during November 2017.

Haaga-Helia in Musiikkitalo

Haaga-Helia is known as educating students and giving them guidelines and tools to business life after school. This time we got outside of our comfort zone and safe place, and step into Musiikkitalo in the heart of Helsinki. This time we'll make it bigger and do something, which we’ve never done before. From the middle of November to the beginning of December, you’ll find us in Musiikkitalo with our three outstanding restaurant concepts and our professional service. Come and see this once in a lifetime opportunity and enjoy our concepts.

Lapland’s Wonderland

Lapland’s Wonderland will serve you at the outdoor terrace.Welcome to our Lappish themed terrace to enjoy the magical winter. Our terrace is open only for three weeks, so this is a once in a lifetime experience to embrace the Lappish atmosphere right in the heart of Helsinki. We want to bring a place for you to relax and to enjoy the Lappish magic through all your senses.


Opening hours:


Mon-Fri 16–22

Sat 12–22

Tilikan Tikka

At the Main Foyer, Tilikan Tikka, will serve before and after the concert, and of course during the
intermission. Welcome to Tilikan Tikka! We are bringing secrets of Finnish nature closer to music and people in our speakeasy.


Opening hours:

14.11. at 18–22

15.11. at 18–22

16.11. at 19–22.30

17.11. at 18–22

19.11. at 18.30–23

21.11. at 18–22

22.11. at 18–22

23.11. at 18–22

24.11. at 18–22

25.11. at 17–21.30

28.11. at 18–21

29.11. at 18–22

30.11. at 18–22

1.12. at 18–22

3.12. at 18–21

4 Senses

We want to challenge you to join us for this amazing journey to senses: when your eyes are closed your other senses will work in a completely different way. In this dinner everything familiar and simple feels totally different. Close your eyes and start the journey! The price of four course surprise menu is 60€. If you preorder the beverage package with menu they are 80€ together. The dinners will take place at the Musiikkitalo’s Terrace foyer. Dinner starts at 18 and it will take about 2,5 hours. Be fast to book your seats as the dinner has a limited amount of seats!


Opening hours:

13.11., 15.11., 17.11, 27.11., 1.12. & 2.12

at 18–20.30

Additional information

To get more information about our Pop- up’s, you can find us on Facebook (Haaga-Helia Popping it Up) or by email haagaheliapoppingitup@gmail.com.