Helsinki Day's guided tour in Helsinki slang

Tue 12.06.2018 -
13.00 to 14.00
Estimated duration: 1 hours
What is a canopy? Do the hall benches have lungs? A guided tour with an insight to the Musiikkitalo’s architecture, operations and Concert Hall.

Event description

The one-hour guided tour will introduce the participants to what happens at Musiikkitalo as well as its architecture and the Concert Hall.

The tour includes a lot of walking but it is also suitable for people with reduced mobility: a lift operates between the different floors.

Tour will be held in Helsinki slang (Finnish).
Contact information
kierrokset(at) (Ei lippuvarauksia tai -myyntiä.)

Tickets and costs

Type of ticket: Free admission

Free tickets will be handed out on 12th June starting at 10 o'clock at the Musiikkitalo Ticket Office. The number of participants is limited to 30 people.

Prices including handling charge

Cloakroom charge: Free and unattended

Additional details