Magic of Acrobatics!

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Fri 30.06.2017 - 13.00
Estimated duration: available later, details from the organizer
GBTimes Oy
Hunan Provincial Acrobatics Art Theatre performing: magic of acrobatics. Experience the exciting, world renowed Hunan acrobaticshow.
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Event description

The Magic of Acrobatics - Dreamy Travel

"Like in all fairy tales, good will overcome evil, in the end. In this story, somewhere in the land of dreams, our hero meets with a Phoenix fairy, who leads him to the Xuan Palace of Dreams where evil spirits follow them. Our courageous hero defeats evil and conquers love as a reward. "

This show for the whole family is full of amazing acrobatics and engaging story-telling. The Hunan Provincial Acrobatics Art Theater brings you the best of acrobatics and tangles the audience's excitement as soon as the curtain is lifted. This prize-winning group has traveled around the world, performing for full houses.

Art Director: ZHAO Shuangwu
Chief Director: LI Ming
Hero: CAO Zhiqiang
Phoenix fairy: SU Zihui, ZHOU Tianchen
Evil: HU Tao
Clown: CHENG Zhi
Old Phoenix: ZENG Jing

There are only three performances, so buy your ticket now and join in the magic of acrobatics!
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GBTimes Oy

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Type of ticket: Event with admission fee
Basic ticket: 18.00 € - 25.00 €
Child: 10.00 € - 13.00 €
Eläkeläinen/opiskelija/työtön/varusmies: 10.00 € - 15.00 €

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Wed 10.05.2017 - 09.00
Cloakroom charge: 2.00 €
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