Musiikkitalo gift voucher

Haven’t found a gift yet? Find the perfect gift this Christmas by going to Musiikkitalo.

Gift voucher

Now you can purchase special Musiikkitalo gift vouchers for any or all of our events. These vouchers are available and can be redeemed at our ticket sales (no service fee will be added).


Your gift voucher will be enclosed in a colourful Musiikkitalo envelope. Envelopes are also sold separately.


We offer gift vouchers in increments of 10 euros up to 100 euros and increments of 100 euros up to 500 euros. You can also buy a combination of two separate vouchers to make up an adequate sum. If the voucher exchanged for a ticket is worth more than the ticket’s price, our ticket sales will provide you with a new voucher for the rest of the original voucher’s value.


You can also use other Ticketmaster gift vouchers to buy tickets to our events. Vouchers are available at the Musiikkitalo ticket sales, all Ticketmaster offices, and the Ticketmaster online store.