The 140-seat Organo hall contains three instruments representing different styles, and the acoustics in the hall have been designed for organ music.


The centrepieces of the Organo hall are the three instruments representing different styles. There is an Italian meantone-tempered, 9-stop organ dating from the beginning of the 18th century; a tempered, 29-stop Fosters & Andrews organ from the year 1892, representing the English Romanticism; and a well-tempered, 26-stop Verschueren organ from 1994, built along the lines of the Northern German/Dutch Baroque organ tradition,.
Such a unique collection of instruments in this one space provides an ideal setting for teaching and performing an organ repertoire consisting of Italian Renaissance and Baroque music, Baroque music from Germany and the Netherlands, English and German music from the age of Romanticism, and improvisation as well as modern and chamber music.
The hall is also well suited for early music performances.


The acoustics in Organo have been designed for organ music.

The reverberation time in Organo is relatively long, and with the floor resting on a sand bed, the bass sounds are spread evenly around the room.
To set an ideal environment for these instruments with wooden parts and a delicate temperament, the relative humidity and the temperature in the hall are kept at 50% and 19.5 degrees Celsius, respectively.

Technical Data

  • 80–140 seats, depending on the nature of the concert or event
  • Loose seating
  • Shoebox shape
  • Electrically adjustable acoustic curtains.
  • Performance lighting
  • Mobile presentation equipment
  • Screen
  • Small, enclosed control room
  • An induction loop system
  • Wheelchair accessible seats
  • Note: the temperature in the hall is only about 19.5 degrees Celsius


Organo is located on Helsinki Music Centre’s first floor, which is accessible via the Main Lobby by lift and stairs.


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