Rehearsal Hall Paavo

Rehearsal Hall Paavo is a copy of Helsinki Music Centre’s concert hall stage. This allows two orchestras to simultaneously play in the building.


Rehearsal Hall Paavo was designed primarily as a practice hall for orchestras operating in the building. This allows two orchestras to simultaneously play in the building.

Rehearsal Hall Paavo’s stage is similar to the one in the Concert Hall.

The rehearsal hall is also used for concerts and other public and corporate events.

The hall has a capacity of 240 persons.

The rehearsal hall was renamed Rehearsal Hall Paavo in April 2014 after the late conductor Paavo Berglund. The proposal came from the main parties operating in the centre.


Rehearsal Hall Paavo’s acoustics have been designed for acoustic orchestra music.

The hall’s acoustic reflection is similar to that of the concert hall.

The hall’s acoustics are also suitable for smaller acoustic ensembles regardless of genre and also for lightly amplified music.


Maximum audience capacity is 240 persons, depending on the event

The stage consists of 20 separate pit lifts and a fixed forestage.

A control room

Induction loop

Movable sound and light equipment

Location in the Helsinki Music Center

Rehearsal Hall Paavo is located on the centre’s first floor, which is accessible via the Main Lobby by lift and stairs.


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