Restaurant services

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Mon-Fri: 8:00-18:00
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Restel Tapahtumaravintolat is in charge of Helsinki Music Centre’s restaurant services. Their professionals will provide your event with delicacies.

Ordering interval refreshments

Order interval refreshments from: or from our sales service.

Note: Interval refreshments for 30+ people must be ordered from the sales service.

From dinners to cocktail events

The Centre’s restaurant provides services for a variety of events. The restaurant can seat up to 200 guests depending on table formations. You can, for instance, arrange a cocktail or dinner event before a concert or after a seminar.

Ask for more information on our breakfast events

The atmosphere is guaranteed by the restaurants’ quality lighting, PA, and video projection technology.

Our elegant foyers of different sizes can host up to 1400 visitors. The foyers can be used for private dinners and interval catering for smaller groups as well.

We have provided restaurant services for several corporate functions. Our professional staff will provide catering according to your needs.

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