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Sat 28.01.2017 -
16.00 to 17.45
Estimated duration: 1 hours 45 minutes
Kiinalaisen uudenvuoden konserttikiertue
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Event description


Conductor ZHANG LIE
Programme: Zhao Jiping, Jiang Ying, Zhang Xiaofeng, Liu Yuan

Two very traditional and beautiful Chinese orchestras from the North and South of China will be presented. They are the winners of China National Arts Foundation. Shaanxi Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra (North of China) and Zhejiang Traditional Orchestra (South of China) are the best and the most representative Chinese traditional orchestras.

The title of the concert program is “Fuchun Mountain Capriccio & Gateway to Silk Road Symphony”. This contains the typical characters of the two regions: The famous Silk Road started in Shaanxi province in the old time and Fuchun Mountain is very famous for its beautiful landscape which is located in Zhejiang province. Thus, this program will show the audience the flairs of the Southern and Northern China.
The Grand Chinese New Year Concert will celebrate the 20th Anniversary in 2017. It began with the concert in the Musikverein, Vienna in 1998 and now has been held worldwide at the Chinese New Year period to commemorate the Chinese New Year. In 2017 we are planning to present about 30 Chinese New Year Concerts in various continents, from Silk Road to Europe. It’s a wonderful cultural exchange occasion, not only to experience the Chinese music, but also show part of the Chinese culture.

The audience can experience the music culture of China with long history. The music is exotic and filled with very colourful sounds. The Asian traditional music is now welcomed as a resource for the contemporary music in Western music world. Also for the concert, the real Chinese traditional instruments will be played which are normally only used in China.
Additionally, the concert will be a very special event for the family, given its creativity and educational factor. It will be a nice experience for the children with new sounds and new instruments.

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Concert organizer: Eesti Kontsert
Co-partner: Wu Promotion


Full program length: 102’
First Part

1. General Mandate
Traditional Orchestra
Arranged by Gu Guanren

2. Silk Road Fantasy Suite movement II & IV
Guanzi Concerto (Chinese woodwind instrument)
Soloist : Fan Cong
Composer: Zhao Jiping

3. Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountain Capriccio
Traditional Orchestra
3rd Movement: Listening to the Wind
Composer: Jiang Ying

4. The Silk Road
Traditional Orchestra
Composer: Jiang Ying


Second Part

5. Reverie on Silk Road, movement I “Westward”
Traditional Orchestra
Composer : Zhang Xiaofeng

6. Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountain Capriccio, 4th Movement: Qiu Shan Wen Dao
Traditional Orchestra
Composer: Liu Yuan

7. “Love” from Qi's Grand Courtyard Suite
Erhu Concerto (Chinese string instrument)
Soloist: Lv Tingting
Composer: Zhao Jiping
Contact information
Zhang Lie
Zheng Peiqing

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