Virolainen musiikki soi: MARI KALKUN & RUNORUN, RIIKKA TIMONEN

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Wed 15.04.2015 -
19.00 to 22.00
Estimated duration: 3 hours
Well-known Estonian folk singer Mari Kalkun and her band Runorun will introduce their brand new album called ”Tii ilo”.

Event description

The soundscapes of Runorun grow from inner rhythms into the wild roar of voices and strings. Led by Mari Kalkun, Estonian Folk Singer of the Year 2013, their music relies on the powerful South Estonian song tradition. In close dialogue with contemporary poetry and songs in several Fennic languages, their new album celebrates the beauty of moving and being on the road. “For me, being on the road involves something magical, unexpected, and rhythmic”, Mari explains. Fantasy, adventure and improvisation takes the listener to a musical journey on which they can follow and sing along.

Collages made by Finnish artist Tatjana Bergelt, which have lyrics from the songs and images printed and sawn on textiles. are completing the concert space. The visual and graphic language by Bergelt are showing another way to let your mind wondering about identity issues and the consciousness of roots.

"Tii ilo" album is released by well-known Finnish label Rockadillo Records and has a parallel release in Japan.

Mari Kalkun & Runorun:
Mari Kalkun, vocals, 12-string kannel, kantele
Maija Kauhanen, vocals, Saarijärvi kantele
Nathan Riki Thomson, double bass, rattle
Tatu Viitala, percussions

Tatjana Bergelt, visuals

Partners and organizers of the event: the Estonian Institute, the Estonian Embassy in Helsinki, the Tuglas Society, the Association of Estonian Societies in Finland and Rockadillo Records.
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Yhteistyössä: Viron suurlähetystö, Tuglas-seura, Rockadillo Records, Viljandin Ystävät ja Suomen Viro-yhdistysten liitto.
Riikka Timonen & Senni Eskelinen
Mari Kalkun & Runorun

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Unemployed: 1.50 €
Serviceman (military or non-military): 1.50 €

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Sat 14.03.2015 - 09.00
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