Mon 17.02.2020 -
15.00 to 15.45

Talvijamit: Merve & Chrysa

Mon 17.02.2020 -
15.00 to 15.45
Estimated duration: 45 minutes
Sanni Virta ja Siban opiskelijat
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Musiikkitalon Talvijamit tuo musiikin riemua lapsille ja lomalaisille hiihtolomaviikon jokaisena päivänä – täysin maksutta!
When singer Chrysa Panagiotopoulou and piano player Merve Abdurahmani first heard each other playing, they were instantly drawn to the idea of forming a duo. Their very expressive approach to the folk melodies blended with influences from all over the world, evokes the beauty of the Mediterranean in a very unique way. Fresh arrangements of familiar folk tunes and balkan melodies combined with the element of improvisation form a powerful performance. The audience is introduced to the eastern modes and is invited to interact and familiarize with the uneven rhythms of the south.

The newly-founded duo is based in Helsinki and first performed at Global Music Festival of Sibelius Academy in 2019. Their first single album is expected in 2020.

1. Yiğidim aslanım / Moiroloi
Music: Zülfü Livaneli
Lyrics: Papadopoulos Leutheris, Nazim Hikmet
2. Ta mavra matia sou
Music: Manolis Aggelopoulos
Lyrics: Mpizani Maro
3. Parapono (Yar Ko Parag) - Xenitia (Bingeol)
Music: Ara Dinkjian
Lyrics: Lina Nikolakopoulou
4. Meno Ektos / Ağladıkça
Music: Ara Dinkijan
Lyrics: Lina Nikolakopoulou, Gülten Kaya Hayaloğlu

Arrangements by Merve and Chrysa
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Type of ticket: Free admission
Cloakroom charge: Cloakroom charge paid by the organizer
Merve Abdurrahmani
piano ja laulu
Chrysa Panayiotopoulou

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