Sun 23.02.2020 -
15.00 to 15.45

Talvijamit: Rebetiko 2.1

Sun 23.02.2020 -
15.00 to 15.45
Estimated duration: 45 minutes
Sanni Virta ja Siban opiskelijat
Free entrance
Cloakroom charge: Cloakroom charge paid by the organizer
No servings (ie. seminars)
Vapaa pääsy
Musiikkitalon Talvijamit tuo musiikin riemua lapsille ja lomalaisille hiihtolomaviikon jokaisena päivänä – täysin maksutta!
Rebetiko 2.1 a.k.a. Home

Rebetiko is a Greek musical and cultural expression directly linked to song and dance that initially spread among the urban lower and working-class populations in the early twentieth century. The element is performed in public and performers encourage audience participation. Rebetiko songs contain invaluable references to the customs, practices and traditions, but above all the practice is a living musical tradition with a strong symbolic, ideological and artistic character.

What happens to Rebetiko when 8 Helsinki based musicians from 5 different countries around the world meet, more than 100 years from its birth and more than 2000 km away from its birth place? Come to join us in an event where Greek Rebetiko meets Samba from Finland, Swing from Portugal, and Zeimpekikos from Aruba.

Stories of meeting tradition will be shared, rhythmical traditions will be explored and rhythms that were waiting to meet will meet.

Warm Welcome!
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Tickets and costs
Type of ticket: Free admission
Cloakroom charge: Cloakroom charge paid by the organizer
Christopher Rodulfo (Aruba)
rummut / perkussiot / elektroniikka
Chrysa Panagiotopoulou (Kreikka)
laulu / baglamat / perkussiot
Ilias Papailias (Kreikka)
bouzouki / laulu
Joâo Luis (Portugali)
Joni Vierre (Suomi)
Vasilis Katopodis (Kreikka)
kitara / sähköbasso / laulu
Merve Abdurrahmani (Suomi/Kosovo)
Beltran Cubel Gajas (Espanja)

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