Ticket sales
Helsinki Music Centre ticket sales sell tickets to all events at the Centre. The on-site ticket office opens one hour before the show (if not sold out).
Group sales
Group tickets are available to buy for 10 people or more at the Helsinki Music Centre from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on weekdays.
Delicious baked goods with fresh ground coffee served from morning to nine in the evening. The café will serve as the main foyer during concerts.
The city’s best classical music selection and expert customer service record store, Fuga, is located in Helsinki Music Center.
Sales and Event Services
Helsinki Music Centre can host events ranging from large gala concerts to small meetings. Contact us and we will gladly quote a price for your event.
Restaurant - Club
Helsinki Music Centre’s restaurant has a delicious buffet menu from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on weekdays. It is also well suited for clubs and company events.
Sibelius Academy Library is open to everyone. Books, records and sheet music available for loan and for on-site use.
Main Lobby
Kirsi Kaulanen’s sculpture Gaia decorates Helsinki Music Centre’s Main Lobby. Also in the lobby are the lobby service desk, cloakrooms, and toilets.
Main Foyer
The Main Foyer hosts the café and entrance to the Concert Hall stalls. You can also see the Kansalaistori Square and Finlandia Park from the Main Foyer.
Balcony Foyer
From the Balcony Foyer, you can see the Kansalaistori Square and Finlandia Park. The Concert Hall’s balcony is accessible from the Balcony Foyer.
Terrace Foyer
Full of light, the Terrace Foyer is a generous space for meetings, press conferences, and cocktail parties. Maximum audience capacity is 80 - 100 persons,
Lower Foyer
Intermission catering for concerts in the small concert halls is served in the Lower Foyer. In addition to Taidemyyntimö, the Lower Foyer hosts exhibitions
Sibelius Academy information desk
Sibelius Academy info provides students with study-related services and general consulting
Agora lounge
Agora lounge is situated on the first floor in Helsinki Music Centre’s Sibelius Academy wing.
Ostinato Sheet Music Shop, the leading supplier of sheet music and music literature in the Nordic countries, welcomes all music lovers!