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The city’s best classical music selection and expert customer service record store, Fuga, is located in Helsinki Music Center.


Fuga Oy, a family business founded in 1960, has been committed to serving music lovers with top-quality classical music and expertise ever since its founding.

The selection in the Helsinki Music Centre outlet covers both classics and rarities in CD and DVD formats, as well as in the SACD and Blu-ray formats popular amongst audiophiles.

The Music Centre outlet also sells music literature not easily found in ordinary bookshops.

Additionally, Fuga has unique, hand-made Helsinki Music Centre products, which won the design competition organized by Helsinki Music Centre and the Finnish Association of Designers Ornamo.


Location in Helsinki Music Centre

Fuga is located on the Centre’s fourth floor, right next to the main entrance from Mannerheimintie.


Mannerheimintie 13a B, 00100 Helsinki
Tel: +358 (0) 9 700 18251
Services email: