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Sibelius Academy Library is open to everyone. Books, records and sheet music available for loan and for on-site use.
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Library services

The Helsinki Music Centre houses the Sibelius Academy Music Library, an extensive research library for all music enthusiasts, both academic and layman.

The library can be used for listening to records and viewing videos, reading magazines, researching assembled works, using online materials and borrowing books, notes and recordings.

Some of the library’s services are only for Sibelius Academy students, teachers and staff (partly applicable to the University of the Arts Helsinki’s’ students and staff as well).

The service desk, all items available for loan, and music listening stations are on the lower level of the library. Recorded material is available for use on the library premises only. The reading room, reference library, storeroom, information desk, and staff offices are situated on the upper level.


The core of the music and book collections is material used by the Sibelius Academy. We acquire new recordings for the library on a regular basis, taking into account such factors as music history, music genres, different performance practices and the quality of the item.

The library features an extensive collection of composers’ complete works, anthologies, and a range of approximately 180 music journals. All clients are welcome to access various music databases and other electronic material from the library computers.

Further information about the library is available on the library website.  Information about the collections can be found on the database of Finnish art university libraries, ARSCA.  

Location in the Helsinki Music Centre

The library is situated in the Sibelius Academy wing of the Helsinki Music Centre, on the first floor. 

Sibelius Academy address: Töölönlahdenkatu 16 C. 

Töölönlahdenkatu 16 C
Tel: 040 710 4224 (Sibelius-Akatemian kirjasto)
Services email: