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Helsinki Music Centre can host events ranging from large gala concerts to small meetings. Contact us and we will gladly quote a price for your event.

Spaces and Halls

Helsinki Music Centre’s acoustically and technically excellent halls are at your use.

Our location in the centre of Helsinki and our professional staff will guarantee your event's success.


Besides the main users (HPO, RSO and Sibelius Academy), the premises are rented for outside events and concert organizers.

The Concert Hall, which seats 1,704 visitors, is primarily rented for concerts and other events that include music.

The building’s other halls that range in capacity from 100 to 400 visitors are rented to companies and other organizations for seminars, conferences and music events.


More information on our halls and spaces is available here:


Note: The Helsinki Music Centre rents the auditorium (82 seats) and Organo (organ hall) to corporations, organizations and other parties for events between 1 June to 31 July. 

Foyers and Restaurant-Club

The centre rents out its foyers and restaurant for different corporate and private functions when possible.

More information on the foyers and restaurant is available here: link

Contact us

Bookings and offers are primarily made by calling us by phone at +358 207 070 450 or mailing us at tilavaraukset(a)


Tel: +358 (0) 20 707 0450 (Myynti- ja tapahtumapalvelut)