Concert Hall

The vineyard-shaped Concert Hall is located in the core of Musiikkitalo. The hall has 1704 seats. Its acoustics have been designed for orchestrall music.


The Concert Hall consists of two different levels: the stalls and the balcony.
The hall resembles the form of a vineyard: the audience surrounds the orchestra. 

The stalls comprise 17 sections with seating for 1,226 people and can accommodate 28 wheelchairs in the space of 56 ordinary seats.
The raked balcony has 11 sections with seating for 478 people.

The stage area of 283 square metres has a fixed forestage and 20 separate pit lifts in a semi-circle behind it. The versatile and cutting-edge performance and recording facilities in the Concert Hall guarantee a high standard of concert and other recordings.


The concert hall’s acoustics have been designed for acoustic, non-amplified orchestral music. The hall is also suitable for easy listening music.

Technical Data

  • The stage area of 283 square metres has a fixed forestage and 20 separate pit lifts in a semi-circle behind it.
  • Lifting system for microphones above the stage.
  • Control room with a digital mixer and a lighting control panel.
  • A dropdown screen and a presentation system.
  • A sophisticated theatre lighting system.
  • Fixed sound amplification system.
  • The announcer's booth is within visual range of the stage and the stalls.
  • Dressing rooms for approximately 100 people, also for visiting artists and groups.
  • The hall’s stalls have an induction loop, excluding stalls A and L. Helsinki Music Centre’s Concert Hall induction loop is not normally used in concerts for amplified music. A replacement system for the induction loop is being planned.
  • 28 wheelchair seats.


There are six entrances to the hall’s stalls from the Main Foyer, third floor. The entrances are marked with numbers 1-3 and 6-8.

The Concert Hall’s balcony is located on the Centre’s fourth floor.
It is accessible by two staircases and a lift that are located in the Main Foyer's railroad side.

The balcony has six entrances, marked with numbers 10-12 and 14-16.

The appropriate entrance is specified on your ticket.